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Finance & Grants

Most personal loans are unsecured, which means it doesn’t require you to provide collateral, such as your home or automobile, to the lender as security for repayment.

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We give you the best risk assessment based on the loan you need

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Get the funding you need, when you need it. Instant loans for your business

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Invest while building brighter futures for personal loan borrowers.

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A fixed-income alternative, with historical returns of 3–8% per year.

Investing in the consumer credit asset class through CapitalSkye provides a portfolio diversification opportunity and the potential to earn competitive returns.

99% of portfolios with 100+ Notes have seen positive returns.

Investors may avoid the ups and downs associated with the stock market because Capital Skye Notes have low correlation to the stock market

Investors receive principal and interest monthly as borrowers make payments on their loans. And borrowers can apply and get timely loans